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Modern semi-permanent storage structures have a lightweight construction that offers a cost-effective and simple alternative solution to classic industrial storage facilities.

They are quick to construct, creating an efficient way to develop a new space for storing goods, equipment and other necessary materials. You can find storage facilities in widths from 5 to 40 meters in inventory.

Storing raw materials, finished products, equipment or machinery is an important part of any commercial or industrial production business. Storage structures are even perfect for entrepreneurs that are seeking low-cost, flexible, and functional solutions.

We offer clients the opportunity to find the appropriate storage facilities. Our semi-permanent structures can be ordered as structures or customized to meet individual specifications. Our semi-permanent structure is the perfect solution for companies that need more storage space within a short time period and seek to minimize storage costs.

Storage structures offer a safe and functional solution. With unique construction and top-quality materials to ensure stability, these semi-permanent  structures meet all safety standards while remaining resistant to harsh weather conditions. As well, facilities can be insulated and temperature controlled for the ability to store various items safely regardless of the season or the external temperature.

Semi-permanent structures are designed and constructed in accordance with local building laws to ensure stability. Without internal pillars or columns providing support, structures make use of as much space as possible for the most efficient use of the storage area. This also allows for the opportunity to mark out warehouse roadways for forklift traffic.

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