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Spacious and effective, spherical tents are versatile structures catered to those looking for unique and modern solutions. These types of tent structures offer an attractive alternative to commonly used tents with simple geometric options. Spherical tents are characterized not only by unique aesthetics but also by incredible functionality. The lack of internal supports and pillars allows for optimized use of the space within. Spherical tents can also be combined to create personalized configurations that are ideal for a variety of outdoor events, as well as a base for cafes or restaurants.

The lightweight and structurally secure construction mean that the spherical tent can be quickly assembled anywhere. Spherical tents, like classic tent structures, are very resistant to all kinds of weather patterns, including wind, rain, snow, sun or even hail.

We provide spherical tent structures with options that suit your needs, from domes providing a maximum blackout covering to translucent domes that transmit sunlight to transparent domes for full external views. Each spherical tent structure comes in a variety of dimensions to choose from as well.  Due to the varied solutions available, every client is able to select the right tent structure to enhance an event. We can even customize one specifically suited to your unique requirements.


Unusual tent shapes create opportunities to organize and optimize outdoor events. They also enhance the visuals of an event to effectively attract people, which is something that conventional tents simply cannot do.

We provide clients with spherical tent structures of various sizes that can be connected to build a unique and efficient configuration. The tunnel connections make for all kinds of organizational possibilities and a stunning visual presentation in a system that is easy to erect and deconstruct.

Spherical tents can include your corporate logo or slogan on the sheathing as a very effective marketing tool used by many companies around the world.

To make spherical tent structures ideal for any outdoor event, we have optional accessories adaptable to your function. These may include heaters or air conditioners for the optimum atmosphere within the dome regardless of the season. Because the spherical tent structure is strong, we can attach specialized lighting, sound systems, and view screens for customized audio-visual effects with outstanding acoustics.

That makes spherical tents ideal for concerts, conferences and other corporate events. They offer more possibilities than classic tents, including the ability to create projections on the entire membrane surface for an unforgettable experience for your guests.

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