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Double-deck structures offer an innovative solution designed to maximize a large usable space within a limited area. This is a relatively new product in the market that has already gained significant popularity among event organizers for various exhibitions, events, concerts, or sporting, cultural, and entertainment activities held outdoors. These double-deck shelters ensure a safe and comfortable environment on a large scale, comparable to conventional solutions.

Light, multi-story accommodations are incredibly convenient from an organizer’s perspective. The facility can be set up in just a few days without the need for a permanent foundation. Double-deck structures have made a significant impact on the outdoor event landscape. They can be readily found in many locations where a large structure is required within a confined space. The double-deck floors are customizable, offering a wide range of interior design options, and it is possible to create multiple zones to serve various purposes, each with a separate entrance.

If you are organizing an event for a large group in the open air and you need to create a comfortable enclosed space where land availability is limited, our multi-story facility is the perfect turn-key solution.

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