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Dining facility tents can be installed as a stand alone tent or as a turnkey operation including all equipment (tables, chairs/benches,
serving lines, coolers, warming ovens, baking ovens, steam kettles,
soup kettles, tilt grills, flat grills, reefers and juice dispensers). DFAC
tents are equipped with a modular floor system which are
characterized by high strength, quick-fitting, and slip resistant.


Power generators that are autonomous units for generating electricity for
different needs (driving force, light, heating, etc.) in the areas, where there are
no other sources or as an emergency power source, when the normal
distribution network is interrupted, or network overload occurs.

Our tents can be provided with utilities to include
adequate electric power connections, interior lighting,
and HVAC to handle all required activities under extreme
adverse weather conditions.
Portable air conditioners work well in the places where,
due to technical conditions, it is not possible to install a
traditional air-conditioning system.


Depending on the customer’s needs, we offer cisterns mounted on vehicle frames, with a
capacity of up to 11,000. liters [2,900 US gallons]. Cisterns are adapted to transport water and

We offer specialized liquid tanks (bladders) adapted to store water, sewage, fuel or other
liquids. By using high quality materials in our production, our products are resistant to external
factors, such as mechanical damage or temperature.


Rekord offers portable toilets,
equipped with necessary
equipment, such as: WC,
urinals, sinks, soap dispensers,
paper holders etc.

Our hand wash stations are
durable, functional & easy to
The advantage of the double
hand wash station is its
versatility, safety and stability.
To prevent tip overs, it has a
low center of gravity. A sealed
water tank and the use of
chlorine prevents bacteria.


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